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Dead Ass Blog

Remember when I used to run a stupid GMS blog? That was a waste of time wasn’t it.


i’mma just leave the first post up just cause. as a compare-contrast from over 4 years ago ;]

Plunging into the world of GMS Blogging!

Hello, maplers! Seeing as there aren’t many blogs about our very own Global MapleStory, I decided to give this blogging thing a shot myself! Now, keep in mind that I’m very fresh to all this, but depending on how well I can keep on top of things, I’d like to blog and keep everyone up to date on the latest GMS updates and maintenances! If anyone can give me a few pointers, that’d be much appreciated. I understand this is gonna take a good deal of commitment, but let’s see how this goes. Hope to be writing more in the future!

P.S.: I may also do a little KMS on the side, also. Keep in mind that I myself I can’t access KMS,  speak and/or translate Korean. Up to you guys :s